Optometry Books – cheap

Assortment of optometry books, priced $30 or less, OBO

We are moving away and would like to free up space on our shelf! This is a random assortment of optometry books, cheaply priced $30 or less OBO - Vision Therapy/Visual Perception: Optometric Extension Program - Dictionary of Eye Terminology, 4th edition by Barbara Cassin - Professional Communications in Eye Care by Ellen Richter Ettinger - Visual Perception, A clinical orientation by Steven Schwartz - Geometrical Optics Workbook by Donald Loshin - Basic Immunology: 3rd edition by Andrew Litchen - Basic Histology Text&Atlas 10th edition by Luiz Carlos - Clinical Opthalmology 2nd edition by Kanski - The Human Nervous System, BARRS, 8th edition by Kierman - Legal and ethical issues by Pozgar - Public Health 3rd edition by Turnock - Visual Mnemonics for Pharm, VMS, by Marbas - Basic Pathology 7th edition, 7th edition by Kumar - Effective Perimetry by Heijl - Vanders Human Physiology by Widmaier - Pharmacology 2nd edition, Lippincott Please email us at

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