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MOA Members: Save on everyday practice costs


Through AOAExcel’s group purchasing program, MOA members can access double-digit discounts on vendors they already use. Group purchasing can help reduce your practice’s operating costs through savings on shipping costs, office supplies, calling plans and more. The program requires no membership fee and you don’t have to meet a spending threshold. This program can help MOA members save with hundreds of vendors, including: 

  • BioD: Save up to 40% on amniotic membrane tissue
  • Pitney Bowes: Pay up to 55% less than retail rates on shipping
  • Verizon: Save 22% on all eligible calling plans
  • Office Depot: Up to 65% off the most purchased office products

AOAExcel has partnered with Intalere, one of healthcare’s largest group purchasing organizations, who aggregates purchase volume and uses the spending to negotiate discounts with vendors and suppliers ranging from medical supplies and office furniture to cleaning supplies and car rentals. AOA members have been saving with over 60 vendors through this discount purchasing program.

For more information about the vendors you can save with or to enroll your practice, click here.

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