Sunday, March 3, 2019

7:00am   Registration
8:00am   Surgical Correction of Presbyopia in the Cataract Patient
(COPE PENDING; .5 hrs)
Speaker: Les Grosinger, MD
8:30am   Advanced Dry Eye Therapy (60240-AS; .5 hrs)
Speaker: Amanda Salter, MD
Advancements in therapy for dry eye disease.
9:00am   Future of Cataract Surgery (60177-PO; .5 hrs)
Speaker: Alan Parent, MD, FACS
This course will explore modern day cataract surgery, including advances that are available now but not universally embraced, along with future technology.
9:30am   Glaucoma on a Sunday (60229-GL; .5 hrs)
Speaker: Felise May Barte, MD
Glaucoma-mimicking conditions.
10:00am   Break
10:15am   Glaucoma Update (59795-GL; 2 hrs)
Speaker: James Thimons, OD, FAAO
This course will highlight the latest developments in glaucoma, including diagnostic technology, pharmaceutical development and therapeutic intervention. Special emphasis will be placed on the implementation of these advances into the primary care practice.
12:15pm   Lunch
1:00pm   Top Ten Drugs: What's in the Cabinet (51889-OP; 2 hrs)
Speaker: James Thimons, OD, FAAO
This course will review a variety of agents used to treat everything from anterior segment disease to uveitis. Special focus will be paid to the indications, contraindications and complications related to use.
3:00pm   Break
3:15pm   To Refer or Not to Refer (to Retina)? (60384-PS; .5 hrs)
Speaker: Susan Malinowski, MD, FACS
Description Do you ever wonder when to refer to a retinal specialist Is what I see something to refer today, tomorrow, next week or never This lecture will provide clear, specific guidelines for when to refer, what to refer and in what time frame with regards to frequently seen vitreoretinal pathology.
3:45pm   Managing Eyelid and Periorbital Lesions (60365-AS; .5 hrs)
Speaker: Lawrence Handler, MD
1. Distinguishing benign from malignant lesions
2. Demonstrating with photographs numerous examples of clinical lesions and discussing best biopsy techniques
3. Discussing the clinical considerations that are needed to develop a treatment plan for malignant lesions.
4. Describe the additional medical and surgical treatment needed on some malignant lesions 5. Discuss and demonstrate the various surgical reconstructive techniques to treat malignant eyelid and periorbital lesions.
4:15pm   Seminar Adjourns
    Below course is not included in CEXpress registration; Add-on.
4:15pm   Identification and Treatment of Victims of Human Trafficking in the Clinical Setting (60333-PB; 1 hr)
Speaker: Danielle Bastien, DNP, RN, FNP-BC
An overview of human trafficking for health care providers with a focus on assessing, treating, and reporting.
4:15pm   Young OD Meet-Up