Founded in 1896, the Michigan Optometric Association was created to provide leadership for the development, of Optometrists to provide comprehensive eye care for patients in the state of Michigan. Our current strategic plan calls for continued work in the areas of Advocacy for Optometrists and their patients.

MOA Chronicles

January 1934 - At the 37th Annual Meeting of the Michigan Society of Optometrists held in Lansing, the president was authorized to appoint a Committee on Publicity. Two goals of committee: 1) eliminate medical discrimination against optometry from the text books in the schools of Michigan 2) to propagate, foster, and prepare publicity matter to acquaint the public with the superiority of optometric eyesight service as compared with mere sight testing methods. Members of the committee included: Dr. P. Scholler, chairman; Dr. Emil Arnold; Dr. John Lowe; Dr. Harry O. Maurer; Dr. John A Rath; Dr. Ward C. Vrcuwenfelder; Dr. G. H. Youmans.

January 1934 - State Emergency Welfare Relief Commission of Michigan began recognizing optometrists and permitting them to examine eyes and furnish glasses on so-called welfare orders.

January 1934 -The Wayne County Optometric Research Clinic and School opens Jan. 29 in Detroit, the first of its kind in Michigan. The school is designed to provide more hands-on opportunities for optometrists to become educated and acquainted with new tools for their practice, rather than relying solely on "lectures, books, articles in the journals and clinical demonstrations," which are of "limited value."

July 1937 - Michigan Gov. Frank Murphy signs two new amendments (Act No. 189 of 1937) to the Michigan Optometry Law. The first prohibits any person from canvassing neighborhoods or soliciting at businesses for the purposes of selling glasses, eye examinations and other optometric services. The second prohibits any person from practicing "price advertising" for eyeware (glasses, lenses, frames) or optometric services; singled out in particular are advertisements for a discounted price, or using language such as "as low as," "and up," and "lowest prices." Also, any premium, gift or discount in connection with optometry is prohibited. Other changes to Michigan Optometry Law at this time included: Physicians and surgeons who refract or do optical work, people who sell glasses on prescription, and "factory visual surveys" are brought under optometric regulation. The amendments, designed to address unethical practices, were a victory for optometry, and were pushed by Dr. Ewing Adams and others.

April 1941 - The AOASA is formed.

June 1941 - Dr. Ernest Eimer retires. Dr. Eimer was the primary figure behind the creation of Michigan Optometry Law and the first Michigan Board of Optometry.

January 1942 - Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, AOA President John Corbett declares Jan. 5, 1942 to be "Optometry's Mobilization Day," issuing a call for optometrists to give all they can to their country through various means.

April 1944  - Dr. Ernest Eimer dies.

August 28, 1974 - The board, in joint meeting with the association advisory council, endorsed Ferris State College, Big Rapids, MI as the site of a Michigan College of Optometry.

September 30, 1975 - The board approved a resolution of support for the Ferris State College of Optometry.

November 2, 1983 - PH Code of 1978, MCLA 333.1101 PRACTICE of OPTOMETRY RULES: The Department of Licensing and Regulation developed Rules concerning the regulation of the practice of optometry within the State of Michigan.  New board of optometry rules: licensure by examination or endorsement; school or college approval standards.  State clinical examination; continuing education; re-licensure; limited licensure; minimum standards for eye examination; patient records; change in name, practice address, or residence address; and assessment of fines.

January 1992 - Americans with Disabilities Act and Michigan Optometrists - optometrists cannot refuse services to people based on their disability.  They must change organization policies that limit access, remove physical barriers and provide necessary communication aids in order to allow people with disabilities to obtain all offered services. 

August 2, 2004 - FCLCA The new federal trade commission (FTC) Contact Lens Consumer Act (FCLCA) took full effect on August 2, 2004.  The new FTC Contact Lens Rule closely adheres to the FCLCA, as is legally required for all rules authorized by controlling statute.

September 1, 2004 - Sales/Use Tax Bulletin 1982-1 New Michigan Sales and use tax laws which took effect September 1, 2004 requires that a sales/use tax be remitted on all contact lenses, including those prescribed for specific diseases, i.e., aphasia, keratoconus, anisometropia, and bandage contact lenses.  Under previous law, contact lenses prescribed or dispensed for "medical" reasons were not.

June 1, 2012 - Well vision services for adult Medicaid recipients are reinstated in the 2012-2013 state budget after being cut by Gov. Granholm in 2009.  The accomplishment is made possible by the efforts of Drs. Lorne M. Gottesman, Gregory L. Patera and Mark Swan of the MOA Medicaid Committee; the MOA board leadership; Dr. Roger R. Seelye and the MOA Legislative Committee GO! Team Leaders; GCSI; and MOAPAC.

November 1, 2012 - Michigan offers Medicaid incentives to ODs as they make the change-over to EHR.  this was accomplished through the MDCH amending the State Plan to include optometrists under the physician services definition.  Previously, the incentives were only offered to physicians nurse practitioners, dentists, certified nurse midwives and eligible physician's assistants.  The incentive offers up to $63,750 over six-year period to ODs who have 30% eligible patients based on their total patient base.  The victory was due to the hard work of the MOA Medicaid and Health Information Technology Committees which include; Drs. Michael G. Younes, Lorne M. Gottesman, Gregory L. Patera, Mark Swan, David G. Durkee and A. Dennis Olmstead plus AOA and the MOA lobbyists.

Legislative Achievements

 July 23, 1965 - SB 503 Bill passed requiring agencies administering relief, social security, health insurance or health service to accept the services of optometrists on the same basis as other professionals authorized to render similar service. Introduced by Senators Dunn, Dzendzel and Lockwood.

April, 1971 - HB 4127 STATE SUPPORTED SCHOOL OF OPTOMETRY INTRODUCED: Legislation to create a state-supported school of optometry.

July 27, 1974 - SB 1132 LEGISLATURE APPROVES THE MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY (MCO). Ferris state college is hereby authorized to establish a college of optometry in the fall of 1975. The authorization to start the new optometric college at Ferris was signed by governor William G Milliken on July 27, 1974. Bill introduced in 1971, passed in 1974. $50,000 seed money, however, the line item appropriation was removed in the House of Representatives.

Sept 28, 1983 - HB 4949 DIAGNOSITIC PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS (DPA's)INTRODUCED: Proposed legislative to authorize Mich optometrists to utilize four categories of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents (DPA's) introduced into the Mich House of Reps by Rep R Fitzpatrick, Dem. of Battle Creek.

March 26, 1984 - HB 4949 DIAGNOSTIC PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS (DPA'S) SIGNED INTO LAW - Michigan Governor James Blanchard, on March 26, 1984, signed into law legislation to authorize Michigan optometrists to utilize diagnostic pharmaceutical agents (DPA's). HB sponsored by Rep Richard Fitzpatrick of Battle Creek. Bill introduced in Sept 1983 passed March 1984.

Aug 1, 1985 - HB 4949 DIAGNOSITC PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS (DPA'S) RULES - New rules of the Mich State Board of examiners in Optometry for the certification of Mich optometrists to utilize DPA's became effective August 1, 1985.

Dec 28, 1987 - SB 160 Health maintenance organizations contract with or employs health professionals on the basis of cost, quality, availability of services to the membership, conformity to the administrative procedures of the health maintenance organization and other factors relevant to delivery of economical, quality care, but shall not discriminate solely on the basis of the class of health professional to which the health professional belongs.

April 1, 1989 - HB 4390 TINTED WINDOWS BILL SIGNED INTO LAW: optometrists authorized to tinted windows in automobiles of photophobic persons. Gov. James Blanchard signs bill into law.

Oct 18, 1989 - HB 5200 THERAPEUTIC PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS (TPA) BILL INTRODUCED - authorizes certified Michigan optometrists to utilize therapeutic pharmaceutical agents (TPA's) in their practices. The bill was introduced by Rep. Curtis Hertel of Detroit.

Feb 28, 1991 - HB 4407 THERAPEUTIC PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS (TPA's) BILL REINTRODUCED legislation which would authorize certified Michigan optometrists to utilize therapeutic pharmaceutical agents (TPA's) in their practices has been reintroduced in the Michigan House of Representatives and referred to the House Public Health Committee, The new bill number is HB 4407.

Feb 23, 1993 - HB 4331 THERAPEUTIC PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS (TPA's) BILL REINTRODUCED - Rep Michael Bennane of Detroit, introduced legislation on the new TPA bill. HB 4331 would allow usage of topical (TPA's) for the purpose of treating or alleviating the effects of diseases or abnormal conditions of the anterior segment of the human eye or ocular adnexa and expanded usage of topical diagnostic pharmaceutical agents. It would also allow usage of "non-invasive" procedures for foreign body removal.

June 3, 1993 - HB 4331 THERAPEUTIC PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS (TPA's) legislation passed the Michigan House of Representatives. HB 4331 allows Michigan optometrists to utilize therapeutic pharmaceutical agents (TPA's) in their practices.June 3, 1993 - HB 4330 THERAPEUTIC PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS (TPA's) legislation passed the Michigan House of Representatives. HB 4330 is a companion bill to HB 4331, would set fees for TPA certification.

Dec 29, 1994 - HB 4331 OPTOMETRISTS EXPAND THEIR SCOPE OF PRACTICE! Governor Engler signs into law Therapeutic pharmaceutical agents (TPA's). Michigan is the 41st state to allow certified licensed optometrists to use therapeutic ocular agents in their practices. Bill introduced in Oct 1989 and signed into law Dec 1994.

Aug, 1996 - SB 758 HANDICAPPED PARKING PERMITS - SENATE BILL 758 PASSES LEGISLATION allowing optometrists to certify blindness for handicapped parking permits.

Oct, 1997 - GLAUCOMA TREATMENT WITH TOPICAL DRUGS: SENATE BILL 139 PASSES LEGISLATION allowing therapeutically certified optometrists to treat glaucoma with topical drugs.

Dec 2, 1997 - HB 139 GOVERNOR SIGNS OPTOMETRIC GLAUCOMA BILL allowing therapeutically certified optometrists to treat glaucoma with topical drugs.

May, 1998 - SB 1031 Require HMO's to offer "point of service" options to subscriber. Under the bill, "point of service" means "a delivery system that permits a HMO enrollee to receive services outside the HMO provider panel under the terms and conditions of the enrollee's contract with the HMO."

Aug, 1998 - SB 1262 INTRODUCTION OF SCOPE OF PRACTICE BILL: Sen. Joanne Emmons of Big Rapids introduced the new scope of practice bill.

Dec, 2001 - HB's 5548,5549, 5550 and 5551 A package of legislative bills, which would remove restrictions on optometric patient reimbursement for therapeutic eye care services and update the optometric practice statue introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Dec 21, 2001 - HB 5552 GLAUCOMA TREATMENT WITH TOPICAL DRUGS INTRODUCED: Therapeutic Care Bill is aimed at updating the current Michigan optometric statute. The bill, if approved and signed into law, will remove current restrictions on topical pharmaceutical agents for diagnosis, eliminate required ophthalmological consultation prior to initiating therapy for glaucoma patients and allow for optometric usage of oral pharmaceutical agents for pain management and systemic treatment of ocular disease.

Dec 16, 2002 - HB 5552 GLAUCOMA TREATMENT WITH TOPICAL DRUGS: Governor John M Engler signed the optometric therapeutic care legislation into law on Fri., Dec 13, 2002. Diagnostic pharmaceutical agents (any topically applied DPA may now be used by DPA and/or TPA certified Michigan optometrists), allows therapeutic pharmaceutical agent (TPA) certified optometrists to prescribe oral pharmaceuticals as well as topical treatment drugs and removes requirements for consultation with an ophthalmologist prior to initiation of treatment of glaucoma. Introduced by Reps. Tabor, Rivet, Bradstreet, Vear, Woronchak, Scranton, Stewart, Rocca, Vander Roest, Hardman, Mortimer, O'Neil, Voorhees, Schauer, Kowall, Kuipers, Drolet, Jansen and Lemmons.

Feb 4, 2004 - HR 3140 FCLCA Bill Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) - this bill provides important safeguards for consumers who wear contact lenses. Under HR 3140, in addition to providing patients with a copy of their prescription upon completion of a contact lens fitting, the legislation would, for the first time, place significant boundaries on the contact lense replacement market, which has gone virtually unregulated.

May, 2004 - HB 4706 Michigan Medical Records Access Act - pertains to optometrists as well as other health care professionals licensed under Article 15 of the state's Public Health Code, specifies that except as otherwise provided by law or regulation, a patient or his or her authorized representative has the right to examine the patient's medical record. Sponsored by Rep. Barbara Vander Veen of Allendale.

July, 2004 - HR 3140 FCLCA Bill The Federal Trade commission has issued its final rule implementing the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act. The Act, which was enacted on December 6, 2003, requires that contact lens prescribers provide patients with a copy of their contact lens prescriptions after a contact lens fitting and verify those prescriptions to any third party designated by a patient, such as an online seller. The Act mandates that a third-party seller may sell contact lenses to consumers if the seller obtains a copy of the prescription, or if the prescriber verifies the prescription information, either by confirming it or by correcting inaccuracies, or if the prescriber does not respond within eight business hours to the seller's verification request - so call "passive verification."

Feb. 24, 2009 - HB 4399 Rep. Tim Moore introduced color vision testing legislation.

Jan. 19, 2012 - The Michigan Senate passes HB 4893 by a vote of 36-0, making the bill a law that takes immediate effect. The law allows retired optometrists to obtain a volunteer license to provide services to the indigent, while providing civil immunity to those licensees. The license was previously available only to physicians, podiatrists and dentists. Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville) was HB 4893's primary sponsor.

Nov. 29, 2012 - SBs 402 & 403 amends 1978 PA 368 "Public Health Code" and enacts a Physician or an Optometrist to have no affirmative obligation to, but may voluntarily, report to the Secretary of State (SOS) or warn third parties regarding a patient's mental and physical qualifications to operate a motor vehicle in a manner as to jeopardize the safety of persons and property due to an episode, which would include "an experience derived from an impairment of an individual's vision". A Physician or an Optometrist who chooses not to make a report to the SOS or warn third parties as provided for under this subsection is immune from any criminal or civil liability to the patient or third party that may have been injured by the patient's actions. The victory was the result of hard work by the Legislative Committee and chair Dr. Roger R. Seelye, GO! Team Leaders and MOA lobbyists.

March 6, 2014 - Senator Rick Jones (Grand Ledge) introduced Senate Bill 853, the Eye Care Protection Consumer Act. The proposed SB 853 would define and standardize the content of a spectacle and contact lens prescription, as well as statutorily establish who can determine and write the same. SB 853 would also regulate the use of automated refracting devices by unlicensed individuals. 

July 8, 2014 - Governor Rick Snyder signed SB 853 into law on and became Public Act (PA) 269, 2014.  PA 269, prevents the sale of contact lenses and eyeglasses without a valid prescription from a licensed prescriber. The bill also prohibits kiosks that perform automated eye exams and then issue prescriptions, bringing state law in line with federal regulation.  The new law is called the Eye Care Consumer Protection Act and it is Part 55A of the Michigan Public Health Code, MCL 333.5551 et seq.

Past Presidents

 Year  President  City
 June 2018  Mary E. Miller  Canadian Lakes
 June 2017  Jennifer A. Lintz  Traverse City
 April 2016  Matthew A. Johnson  Kalamazoo
 June 2015  Elizabeth M. Becker  Oxford
 May 2014  Paul A. Hodge  Allegan
 May 2013  J. Gregory Ford  Grand Rapids
 May 2012  David S. Cook  Cadillac
 July 2011  Matthew J. Maki  Williamston
 July 2010  Lillian T. Kalaczinski  Grand Rapids
July 2009  Gregory D. Dotson  Battle Creek
 July 2008  Barbara L. Horn  Washington
 July 2007  Mark E. Swan  Rockford
 July 2006  Teresa M. Seim  Mattawan
 July 2005  Ronald J. Meyer  Ishpeming
 July 2004  Mark J. Cook  Brighton
 July 2003  Peter M. Agnone  Grand Blanc
 August 2002  David G. Durkee  Lowell
 July 2001  Michael G. Wallace  Flushing
 July 2000  Frederick P. Darin  Charlotte
 July 1999  Gregory B. Ferman  Plymouth
 July 1998  Rodney W. Bellows  Cadillac
 July 1997  Mark P. Williams  Burton
 August 1996  Mark C. Davis  Grand Rapids
 July 1995  D. William Lakin  Saginaw
 July 1994  Rick A. Snow  Adrian
 July 1993  Fred W. Scarpace  Dearborn Heights
 July 1992  John M. Nametz  Spring Lake
 July 1991  Harold T. Prange  Kalamazoo
 May 1990  Roger R. Seelye  Owosso
 May 1989  Will E. Phillips  Southgate
 May 1988  Robert L. Carter  Big Rapids
 May 1987  Edward F. Stein  Pontiac
 May 1986  Paul K. Douglas  Saginaw
 June 1985  Gregory L. Patera  Ionia
 May 1984  Joseph D. Czinder  Big Rapids
 May 1983  William C. Ferman  Detroit
 Dec 1981-May 83  Theodore B. Walton  Oxford
 May 1981-Dec 81  Milton A. Meyers  Warren
 May 1980  John P. Fitzpatrick  Saginaw
 May 1979  Owen R. Dueweke  East Detroit
 June 1978  James M. Flynn  Westland
 May 1977   Robert L. Klein  Kalamazoo
 May 1976  Philip E. Irion  Lansing
 May 1975  Edward L. Wallace  Gross Pte. Woods
 May 1974  Marvin Weisman  Rochester
 May 1973  Jack A. Bergstrom  Midland
 May 1972  Marjorie S. Ross  Battle Creek
 June 1971  Morrie L. Dubin  Berkely
 May 1970  Richard H. Britton  Howell
 May 1969  Donald H. Lakin  East Detroit
 May 1968  Jack F. Hill  Albion
 June 1967  William G. Hemes  Escanaba
 May 1966  Boyd B. Banwell  Williamston
 May 1965  Thomas E. Sandon  Detroit
 May 1964  Robert B. Britton  Charlotte
 May 1963  Ralph M. Howard  Battle Creek
 June 1962  Paul E. Borton  Muskegon
 May 1961  Leslie W. Backus  Dearborn
 April 1960  George A. Harkless  Pontiac
 April 1959  Alex L. Tulos  Big Rapids
 May 1958  Fred W. Kellogg  Grand Rapids
 Oct. 1956-May 58  Wayne H. Chapman  Charlotte
 Oct. 1955-1956  Fred C. Franks  Lansing
 Oct. 1954-1955  Robert H. Ticknor  St. Joseph
 Oct. 1953-1954  Gilbert J. Roth  Detroit
 Oct. 1952-1953  J.C. Kehoe  Flint
 Oct. 1951-1952  Alex J. Paradzinski  Utica
 Oct. 1950-1951  Lloyd J. McDowell  Detroit
 Oct. 1949-1950  E.L. Eichhorn  Florida
 Oct. 1948-1949  John A Hoffert  Grand Rapids
 April 1947-1948  Kenneth W. Tinker  Traverse City
 Oct. 1946-April 47  Alfred E. Hicks  Saginaw
 Oct. 1945-1946  Donald O. Emmons  Cadillac
 Oct. 1944-1945  Jerome V. Dueweke  Detroit
 Oct. 1943-1944  D.D. Walton  Hastings
 Oct. 1941-1943  F. Milton Hathaway  Pontiac
 Dec. 1939-1941  Joseph A. Seifert  Detroit
 Dec. 1937-1938  Glyndon D. Rowe  Florida
 Oct. 1935-1937  W. Edward Dewey  Battle Creek
 1934-1935  Leo Scholler  Big Rapids
 1931-1933  Ewing Adams  Detroit
 1929-1930  Charles Van Sluyters  Grand Rapids
 1928  Glenn Smith  Florida
 1926-1927  Chauncey J. Howe  Hillsdale
 1924-1925  Jay M. Gould  Battle Creek 
 1923  George Gilbert  Owosso
 1922  Henry Schmeil  Grand Rapids
 1921  Walter A. Springborg  Lansing
 1920  John Glazier  Detroit
 1919  William Jewett  Flint
 1917-1918  Leon Goldsmith  Detroit
 1916  Clyde Hathaway  Pontiac
 1915  John A. Rath  Jackson
 1914  William H. Hipp  Detroit
 1912-1913  Emil H. Arnold  Ann Arbor
 1908-1911  Benson W. Hardy  Port Huron
 1907  Albert W. Kludt  Detroit
 1904-1906  Peter Scholler  Hancock
 1904-1906  Peter Scholler  Hancock
 1903  W.E. Patterson  Grand Rapids
 1900-1902  N.K. Standart  Detroit
 1898-1899  Frank D. Fuller  Grand Rapids
 1896-1897  A.J. Shellman  Grand Rapids

Award Recipients

Year Award Winner
2015 Distinguished Service Cindy A. Schnetzler
2015 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Paul A. Hodge
2015 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. James D. Hardie
2015 Keyperson Dr. David A. Damari
2015 Keyperson Dr. Matthew A. Johnson
2015 Educator of the Year Dr. Philip E. Walling
2015 Student of the Year Michael E. DeWit
2014 Distinguished Service Dr. Roger R. Seelye
2014 Optometrist of the Year Dr. J. Gregory Ford
2014 Young Optometrist of Year Dr. Shea B. Ferree Carney
2014 Keyperson Dr. Sarah B. Hinkley
2014 Keyperson Dr. Cheryl L. Vincent-Riemer
2014 Educator of the Year Dr. Brian D. McDowell
2014 Student of the Year Samantha K. Fordyce
2013 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Matthew J. Maki
2013 Keyperson Dr. Douglas L. Totten
2013 Keyperson Dr. James R. Spears
2013 Educator of the Year Dr. John J. Pole
2013 Student of the Year Thomas Hubbard
2012 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Teresa M. Seim
2012 Educator of the Year Dr. Michael P. Keating
2012 Student of the Year Alana Herron
2011 Distinguished Service Award Dr. Robert L. Carter
2011 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Bradley E. Habermehl
2011 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Matthew A. Johnson
2011 Keyperson Dr. J. Gregory Ford
2011 Keyperson Dr. Krystal K. Kempf
2011 Keyperson Dr. Eric L. Schweihofer
2011 Educator of the Year Dr. John J. Pole
2011 Student of the Year Brian Dornbos
2010 Distinguished Service Award Dr. Peter M. Agnone
2010 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Barbara L. Horn
2010 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Jeffrey J. Kenyon
2010 Keyperson Dr. Robbie J. Pairolero
2010 Keyperson Dr. Allen R. Smith
2010 Educator of the Year Dr. Dean L. Luplow
2010 Student of the Year Nicole M. B. Gdowski
2009 Keyperson Dr. Jana M. Fisher
2009 Keyperson Dr. Lorne M. Gottesman
2009 Keyperson Dr. Renée O. Mika
2009 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Edward Stein
2009 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Mark Swan
2009 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Sarah B. Hinkley
2009 Educator of the Year Dr. John J. Pole
2009 Student of the Year Dr. Emily Schafer
2008 Keyperson Dr. Bradley E. Habermehl
2008 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Lillian H. Kalaczinski
2008 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Ronald J. Meyer
2008 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Frederick P. Darin
2008 Educator of the Year Dr. Jack W. Bennett
2008 Student of the Year Paula Smith
2007 Keyperson Dr. Brenda Smoke
2007 Keyperson Dr. Matthew J. Maki
2007 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Robert L. Klein
2007 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Mark J. Cook
2007 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Teresa M. Seim
2007 Educator of the Year Dr. Robert L. Carter
2006 Keyperson Dr. Albert G. Fath, III
2006 Lifetime Achievement Dr. James M. Flynn
2006 Student of the Year Johnny Leung
2006 Educator of the Year Dr. John J. Pole
2005 Keyperson Dr. Thomas B. Pardee
2005 Keyperson Dr. Ronald J. Meyer
2005 Keyperson Dr. Bernard Miller
2005 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Barbara L. Horn
2005 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Daniel N. Wrubel
2005 Student of the Year Devon N. St Louis
2005 Distinguised Service Dr. Mark J. Cook
2005 Educator of the Year Dr. J. James Saladin
2004 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Philip E. Irion
2004 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Jeffrey R. Varanelli
2004 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Theodore B. Walton
2004 Keyperson Dr. Daniel L. Phillips
2004 Keyperson Dr. Teresa M. Seim
2004 Educator of the Year Dr. Michael Shansky
2004 Student of the Year Jeffrey J. Kenyon
2004 Emil H Arnold Dr. John E. Kaminski
2003 Keyperson Dr. Barbara J. Horn
2003 Keyperson Dr. Mark Swan
2003 Keyperson Dr. Robert L. Flood
2003 Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Roger R. Seelye
2003 Emil H Arnold Dr. Robbie J. Pairolero
2003 Student of the Year Kevin Fountain
2003 Educator of the Year Dr. Mark E. Kosciuszki
2003 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Mark A. Ventocilla
2003 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Michael G. Wallace
2002 Keyperson Dr. Chad R. Gallatin
2002 Keyperson Dr. Kevin L. Alexander
2002 Optometrist of the Year Dr. John M. Nametz
2002 Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. John R. Dunn
2002 Emil H Arnold Dr. James E. Paramore
2002 Educator of the Year Dr. Michael P. Keating
2002 Student of the Year Karisa A. Ritter
2001 Keyperson Dr. Elizabeth Becker
2001 Keyperson Dr. Mary Jo Ference
2001 Keyperson Dr. Sarah L. Knapp
2001 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Frederick P. Darin
2001 Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Dennis D. Cobler
2001 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Samuel S. Estes
2001 Educator of the Year Dr. Robert L. Carter
2001 Emil H Arnold Dr. Nancy Peterson-Klein
2001 Student of the Year Rita M. Videtich
2000 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Peter M. Agnone
2000 Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Richard J. Ball
2000 Keyperson Dr. Lee R. Goodfellow
2000 Keyperson Dr. Dale J. Moser
2000 Educator of the Year Dr. Philip E. Walling
2000 Emil H Arnold Dr. Roger D. Kamen
2000 Student of the Year Jean D. Hess
1999 Emil H Arnold Dr. David G. Durkee
1999 Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Philip E. Irion
1999 Keyperson Dr. Alan L. Lewis
1999 Keyperson Dr. Cheryl L. Vincent
1999 Keyperson Dr. Michael G. Wallace
1999 Educator of the Year Dr. J. James Saladin
1999 Student of the Year Marla Schluentz
1998 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Lee R. Goodfellow
1998 Keyperson Dr. Rodney W. Bellows
1998 Keyperson Dr. Gregory B. Ferman
1998 Keyperson Dr. James R. Spears
1998 Educator of the Year Dr. Robert L. Carter
1998 Student of the Year Aimee E. LeBlanc
1998 Emil H Arnold Dr. David G. Durkee
1997 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Mark C. Davis
1997 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Edward L. Scarbrough
1997 Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Edwin L. Novak
1997 Keyperson Dr. Peter M. Agnone
1997 Keyperson Dr. Frederick P. Darin
1997 Keyperson Dr. Arlie R. Vanderhoof
1997 Emil H Arnold Dr. David S. Cook
1997 Emil H Arnold Dr. Donald H. Lakin
1997 Student of the Year Barbara L. Horn-Gibbs
1996 Keyperson Dr. James H. Seals
1996 Keyperson Dr. Richard A. Van De Velde
1996 Keyperson Dr. Martin E. Harkins
1996 Educator of the Year Dr. J. Randall Vance
1996 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. Michael G. Wallace
1996 Optometrist of the Year Dr. D. William Lakin
1996 Student of the Year Teresa Seim
1996 Emil H Arnold Dr. Frederick P. Darin
1995 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Edward L. Wallace
1995 Young Optometrist of the Year Dr. J. Gregory Ford
1995 Keyperson Dr. Mitchell R. Dobrzelewski
1995 Keyperson Dr. Carol Martston-Foucher
1995 Keyperson Dr. Frederick W. Scarpace
1995 Emil H Arnold Dr. Racheal Schumman
1995 Student of the Year Naomi A. Pack
1995 Educator of the Year Dr. Walter C. Betts
1994 Keyperson Dr. John M. Nametz
1994 Keyperson Dr. Douglas N. Heinze
1994 Optometrist of the Year Dr. A. Dennis Olmstead
1994 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Donald H. Lakin
1994 Emil H Arnold Dr. Mitchell R. Dobrzelewski
1994 Student of the Year Alan M. Johnson
1993 Student of the Year Ann M. Boyke
1993 Keyperson Dr. Will E. Phillips
1993 Keyperson Dr. Harold T. Prange
1993 Keyperson Dr. Arnold H. Gordon
1993 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Roger R. Seelye
1993 Emil H Arnold Dr. Susan R. Gormezano
1993 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Robert B. Britton
1992 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Susan R. Gormezano
1992 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Boyd B. Banwell
1992 Keyperson Dr. David G. Durkee
1992 Keyperson Dr. Rick A. Snow
1992 Keyperson Dr. Angelo Tocco
1992 Emil H Arnold Dr. Harold A. Schnider
1992 Student of the Year Karen Y. Foerch
1991 Optometrist of the Year Dr. William R. Ferman
1991 Life Time Achievement Dr. Morrie L. Dubin
1991 Student of the Year Gregory D. Dotson
1991 Keyperson Dr. Mark P. Williams
1991 Keyperson Dr. Robert L. Klein
1991 Keyperson Dr. William E. Lawson
1990 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Robert L. Carter
1990 Lifetime achievement Dr. Paul E. Borton
1990 Keyperson Dr. Mark C. Davis
1990 Keyperson Dr. Joseph J. Lawless
1990 Keyperson Dr. Gordon D. Schultze
1990 Student of the Year Mary Jo Horn
1990 Emil H Arnold Dr. Carol Hunt
1989 Life Time Achievement Dr. Marjorie S. Ross
1989 Emil H Arnold Dr. Andrya Lowther
1989 Keyperson Dr. David P. Paul
1989 Keyperson Dr. Lee E. Rigel
1989 Keyperson Dr. Ronald T. McClatchey
1989 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Edward F. Stein
1989 Student of the Year Lee S. Peplinski
1988 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Gregory L. Patera
1988 Keyperson Dr. Ranald F. MacKenzie
1988 Keyperson Dr. Fred L. Mathews
1988 Emil H Arnold Dr. Roger R. Seelye
1988 Student of the Year Patricia M. Hoard
1987 Student of the Year Sheryl L. Woltjer
1987 Keyperson Dr. Paul K. Douglas
1987 Keyperson Dr. Robert L. Carter
1987 Keyperson Dr. Terri A. Wolf
1987 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Theodore B. Walton
1987 Emil H Arnold Dr. Donald H. Lakin
1986 Keyperson Dr. Susan A. Hahn
1986 Keyperson Dr. William C. Ferman
1986 Keyperson Dr. Joseph D. Czinder
1986 Optometrist of the Year Dr. John P. Fitzpatrick
1986 Emil H Arnold Dr. Robert E. Reed
1986 Student of the Year Richard C. Annis
1985 Keyperson Dr. Susan R. Gormezano
1985 Keyperson Dr. A Dennis Olmstead
1985 Keyperson Dr. Martin Guinta
1985 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Morrie L. Dubin
1985 Emil H Arnold Dr. Maury M. Kessler
1985 Student of the Year Douglas L. Totten
1984 Keyperson Dr. Harris L. PreFontaine
1984 Keyperson Dr. Jack W. Bennett
1984 Keyperson Dr. D. William Lakin
1984 Emil H Arnold Dr. Robert E. Reed
1984 Student of the Year Jeffrey L. Partain
1983 Optometrist of the Year Dr. James M. Flynn
1983 Keyperson Dr. John P. Fitzpatrick
1983 Keyperson Dr. Gilbert W. Sherman
1983 Keyperson Dr. Theodore B. Walton
1983 Emil H Arnold Dr. John E. Veach
1983 Student of the Year Jeffrey W. Lozen
1982 Student of the Year Carolyn M. Oppy
1982 Keyperson Dr. John R. Dunn
1982 Keyperson Dr. Robert G. Nesom
1982 Keyperson Dr. Marcel G. Geldhop
1982 Emil H Arnold Dr. Harold A. Shnider
1981 Emil H Arnold Dr. Daniel N. Wrubel
1981 Student of the Year Leland W. Carr, III
1981 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Owen R. Dueweke
1981 Keyperson Dr. Joseph W. Johnson
1980 Keyperson Dr. Thomas E. Mathews
1980 Keyperson Dr. James M. Flynn
1980 Keyperson Dr. Richard T. Carrigan
1980 Emil H Arnold Dr. Edwin L. Novak
1980 Student of the Year Martin E. Harkins
1979 Emil Arnold Dr. Mary D. Clancy
1979 Optometrist of the year Dr. Robert L. Klein
1979 Student of the year A. Dennis Olmstead
1979 Keyperson Dr. George T. Meyer
1979 Keyperson Dr. Seymour Rosen
1979 Keyperson Dr. B. Wayne Gillan
1979 Senior Scholarship Daniel Wrubel
1978 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Marjorie S. Ross
1978 Keyperson Dr. Gordon Deur
1978 Keyperson Dr. Gregory L. Patera
1978 Keyperson Dr. Stanley H. Pettengill
1978 Emil H Arnold Dr. Louis A. Shovels
1978 Student of the Year Jeffery S. Hagan
1977 Optometrist of the Year Dr. John R. Dunn
1977 Keyperson Dr. Marvin Weisman
1977 Keyperson Dr. Roger R. Seelye
1977 Student of the Year Steven I. Bennett
1977 Emil H Arnold Dr. Jack E. Hill
1976 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Richard J. Ball
1976 Keyperson Dr. Theodore Vander Boll
1976 Keyperson Dr. Paul E. Borton
1976 Keyperson Dr. Richard J. Wlodyga
1976 Emil H Arnold Dr. Patricia J. Hill
1976 Student of the Year Lawrence J. Polson
1975 Keyperson Dr. Stuart L. Anderson
1975 Keyperson Dr. George C. Graham
1975 Keyperson Dr. F. P. Nadelin
1975 Optometrist of the Year Dr. William G. Hemes
1975 Student of the Year Alan D. Scott
1975 Emil H Arnold Dr. Harold A. Shnider
1974 Emil H Arnold Dr. Patricia J. Hill
1974 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Edward L. Wallace
1974 Keyperson Dr. Jack A. Bergstrom
1974 Keyperson Dr. Robert H. Shorr
1974 Keyperson Dr. Martin Caplan
1974 Student of the Year James E. Sheedy
1973 Keyperson Dr. Owen R. Dueweke
1973 Keyperson Dr. Edward F. Stein
1973 Keyperson Dr. Richard Kotik
1973 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Robert B. Britton
1973 Student of the Year Riley J. Turcott
1972 Keyperson Dr. Glyndon D. Rowe
1972 Keyperson Dr. Donald G. Cummings
1972 Keyperson Dr. Edward L. Wallace
1972 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Richard H. Britton
1972 Student of the Year Paul E. Lepard
1971 Keyperson Dr. Patricia J. Hill
1971 Keyperson Dr. Philip Raznik
1971 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Thomas E. Mathews
1971 Student Award Daniel A. Arsulowicz
1970 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Donald H. Lakin
1970 Optometrist of the Year Dr. Boyd B. Banwell
1970 Emil H Arnold Dr. Donald G. Cummings
1970 Keyperson Dr. Ernest M. Gaynes
1970 Keyperson Dr. F. Milton Hathaway
1970 Keyperson Dr. C. J. Howe